After the after photo


The before and after photo… They are EVERYWHERE at the moment. 

As annoying as they are, the before and after is an amazing way to measure progress. Easy to do, and a low maintenance way of getting personal and individual feedback.

And progress is an important thing.

It’s why we all do it, right? To get better at certain exercises, to look better, to feel better….

But here is the thing:

What happens after the after?

It’s all well and good signing up for a 90 day plan…. but what happens on day 91? 12 week plan… What happens on week 13?

I have personally trialled and had success with a number of clients with 12 week plans. But some have failed.

I’m not scared to admit it either. Sometimes they don’t work. 

That is a FACT.

This is a picture of a client who I have been working with for over two years. We started out with marathon training – he completed his first marathon sub 3:30. Success.

We then moved on to getting him lean and increasing muscle mass as a 12 week plan. See picture… Success.

But now he’s struggling to commit to training as often as he used to due to family and work commitments. When he trains he trains hard.

The willing is there, and the work rate is still there but the time constraints restrict the frequency.

So does that mean that the ‘after the after’ here is not success?

Not necessarily. Sometimes, more often than not, life gets in the way. So we’ll continue to work hard together and continue to strive for progress but with new goals based on those restrictions.

What’s the point here? 


For any plan of action you need an exit route. 

A 10 day juice detox is great if you can stick to it… but if you don’t formulate a way to get back into REAL FOOD what are you going to do? Live on juice for the rest of your life?

A drastic calorie deficit diet will fit the bill for a short period of time, but can you realistically live on less than 1000 calories a day for the rest of your life? 

Even Joe Wicks’ ‘Body Coach’ plans aren’t fail proof… but in his Instragram feed you only see the “lean winners”. I’m certain his plans don’t have a 100% success rate so where are the guys that didn’t win?

(I’m not digging him out here by the way, he’s doing really well for himself and some of his recipes are really good).

These little kick starters – when followed in a healthy and controlled manner – can be excellent. But there does need to be a BIG dose of reality added at some stage.

Because there is no substitute for long term behaviour change.

I still do the 8 and 12 week kick starter personal training plans, but now with more focus on how to sustain after the initial 12 weeks. And they have been so much more successful.

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