February 26, 2016

White vs Brown & A little help please…

Hello! In case you missed it, yesterday was ‘National Toast Day’. What an amazing day for the world…! My personal topping of choice is peanut butter. Crunchy of course, I’m not a weirdo.  Bread is generally a confusing substance in terms of healthy eating. Some say good, some say bad… As you know I’m an advocate […]
February 26, 2016

After the after photo

Hello! The before and after photo… They are EVERYWHERE at the moment.  As annoying as they are, the before and after is an amazing way to measure progress. Easy to do, and a low maintenance way of getting personal and individual feedback. And progress is an important thing. It’s why we all do it, […]
February 26, 2016

That link I promised you

Hello! Sooo on Wednesday’s email I mentioned a link about the differences between white and brown bread – which I then completely forgot to attach… What an absolute fool. Here it is:  To follow that up – and for anyone actively aiming to avoid bread, or are gluten/wheat free or intolerant… Here is […]
February 11, 2016

Your post workout refuel meal  

Hello! So roughly two weeks in to your brand new fitness program, new gym, new gear. Feeling fitter… Feeling stronger…. starting to notice a difference…. Great work so far! Now for a little focus on nutrition. If you’ve been following these emails for a little while, you’ll know I’m an […]