Does thinking burn calories? (Courtesy of Zoe Kara) 

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Does thinking burn calories?
Thanks Zoe – talk about being put on the spot slap bang in the middle of a PT session… But…. What a question!

answer is Yes. But not they way you’d like it to.

But it did get me thinking (believe it or not). You see, the gym has been RAMMED this week. Which is a great thing.

I know trainers that get pissed off by this. But for me that shows a lack on knowledge or ability to deviate from their one dimensional session plan.If something you want is being used, its time to adapt and overcome.

So this is the general pattern, and why it’s take two to three weeks for the gym to get this busy:

The first week in Jan was a still a little quiet – generally people still feeling rough and unhappy about their over indulging at Xmas and New Year and then trying to cope with being back at work

Week two – the THINKING begins. It’s daunting. that feeling of not having been for weeks, or kick starting a resolution…..

By the end of week two and into week three EVERYONE is up for it. the contemplation is over and it’s time for action.
So if you have moved out of contemplating and into the action stage you’re doing well. Smashing it in fact.

But….if you haven’t quite got there yet…. and looping back to the actual question…..

Thinking about doing anything – including exercise – DOES burn but only as part of a neural metabolic process which falls under BMR (I have mentioned this before), as part of an essential bodily function which equates to nowhere near enough to contribute to a caloric deficit.


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