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Just to be clear….. I don’t have any issues with people using the New Year or any kind of resolution as a catalyst to living a healthier life.
I genuinely think that it’s great when anyone decides that they want to make changes to their lifestyle. It’s an amazing moment in that individual’s fitness journey because behaviour change is hard and making positive moves can be daunting.
The issue I have is with the ‘fad’.
There is always a fad. Usually a fad diet of some kind that is going to make you skinny and happy in less than an hour. Backed up with some new cool way of training that someone internet sensation has kicked off that is “proven†to burn more calories than any other workout in the history of workouts…. Ghetto Yoga…. Naked spinning….. Monkey wrestling…. Inner City Sumo…. We’ve tried them all.
The world is currently about to explode with a load of anti sugar literature and bandwagon based antics, just like it did ten years ago when everyone was ordered to stop eating saturated fat. And after that when Dr. Atkins went anti carbs.

The general population definitely needs to drastically reduce the amount of sugar consumed (65% increase in diabetes in the last ten years), but eating sugar won’t make you fat. Eating fat won’t make you fat. There is never only one thing that makes a person put on weight.

Eating too much and not exercising enough WILL make you fat. Consuming more calories than you need on a regular basis WILL make you fat. Some foods are healthier than others and have better health benefits, this is true enough, but consuming too much of ANYTHING will lead to excess calories and therefore weight gain.

When will the world stop demonising ONE ELEMENT? When will we stop looking for something to blame our weight issues on, take ownership and realise it’s down to us as individuals to make better choices?  Healthy and sustainable choices….
The BIGGEST problem is that everyone seems to be looking for a short-cut. So let me break this down for you… THERE IS NO SHORT-CUT.
There is only hard work, dedication and behaviour change. Train hard and balance your diet. Eat natural, healthy foods and cut back on sugar. Drink a lot of water and eat the right amount of calories for your goal.
Eat protein, carbohydrate and fats – healthy varieties of each one – in the right amounts, coupled with regular exercise and you’ll be golden.
It’s not mind blowing. It’s not magic. It’s science. That’s all it boils down to. You don’t need a fad or a detox or to juice the entire contents of your fridge…. The best diet is one you can stick to.

In the words of Public Enemy:
“Don’t believe the hypeâ€

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