Tired of spending your whole life indoors?

Step out of the sweat box gym studios and get ready for some outdoor classes that’ll rock your very existence. We have conveniently split our sessions into strength training (for Tough Guys and Tough Girls that want to lift) and fitness & conditioning (especially for the cardio crew). And they are both amazing!

We aim to cater for everyone, regardless of current fitness levels with progressions and modifications made to suit your needs, so don’t even think about it being “too hard” because we’ll help you all the way, and so will all of our other members.

And there’s no ‘bootcamp’ style shouting or screaming….. We’re not into that….. We’re are simply a bunch of like-mind people that have formed a vibrant little exercise community to help each other to increase their own personal levels of awesomeness!

Details are below, and your first session is ALWAYS free. You should definitely come and join us….

We absolutely LOVE newbies!!

Tough Guy Fitness Training

Ready for next level strength training….?

One gruelling hour of the biggest lifts, the heaviest weights and the toughest god damn session you’ll ever do. Flip tractor tyres, Lift logs, whack stuff with sledgehammers, climb up ropes, drag sleds, push prowlers, pull a van, work with battle ropes, kettlebells, barrels, sand & gravel bags, slosh pipes, tackle pads, yoke’s and much more.

If you’re ready to start taking your strength training seriously, to work with new equipment, and to take yourself to the very limit of your capabilities, then come and get involved.

Due to the nature of this session, and the health and safety of all participants we can only accept ADVANCE BOOKINGS.


This outdoor group fitness sessions are the ideal way to increase your current fitness levels, control weight management and improve body tone and composition so that you look and feel great – but you also need to be prepared for some hard work.

A complete cardiovascular and conditioning circuit based session for all ages, abilities and levels of fitness; under the expert tuition of our trainers you’ll use unorthodox equipment such as beer kegs, tyres and sand bags, alongside modern equipment like Swiss balls, resistance bands and kettlebells to push yourself through 60 minutes of aerobic conditioning.

You’ll ache for days.


“I cannot recommend RookFitness highly enough, the Tough Guy sessions are hard work, varied and demanding but enjoyable, not only is Stuart extremely knowledgeable and a outstanding motivator, he also clear in explaining routines and their purpose. I’m feeling fitter, stronger and full of life! Not bad for man in his 40’s”