New gaff, new gear, old face! (Video message included)

New year….. NEW GAFF!!

This also means new gear. EXCITING!!

Click the button below to have a butchers at the video!
(Unfortunately… same bearded and weathered old face, increased grey round the sides)

We have:
* prowlers (look this up)
* a yoke (look this up as well)
* a big ass tyre (it weighs over 200kg)
* actual monkey bars
* Olympic lifting bars
* climbing ropes (like the ones in primary school)
* Farmers walk handles (yes, this is a real thing)

Most importantly – WE HAVE SPACE TO MOVE AROUND!!
Don’t Panic though – We’ll still be using Physicals Gym as well.
This is just a secondary venue so we can offer different types of training programs.

Click To Tour Our New Gaff! (

Exclusive access for Personal Training, ** Semi Private Training (
and our strength based ** Tough Guy (

This is the PERFECT place for people who DON’T want to be cooped up in a gym grinding it out on the ‘dreadmill’ thinking cardio means endless hours on boring static machines.

If this floats your boat…

If you’re ready to try something new…

Click the button below to check out the location or use the details listed to get in touch and book a FREE consultation.

Thanks for reading!

T – 07736033985
E –
W –

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