Our Clients

I decided to work with Rook Fitness in the run up to my wedding and as a fairly active person I’d felt that I had let myself go a bit (a lot) and wanted to rediscover my inner beast.

Stuart listened to what I wanted to see and do and considered a few niggling injuries I had when developing my plan. He included postural positioning and hit home on my technique. We set reasonable and attainable goals and I embarked on a 12 week plan.

I fully bought into Stuart’s methods as he is so dedicated and direct with his approach. He is like a Doctor in lifting and general well being! I’ve had a few PT’s in the past but I’ll always go back to Stuart from now on as I completely trust his methods.

When the wedding came round I can honestly say I was in the best shape of my life. The honeymoon did it’s best to de-rail me but now I’m back and ready to go again. I would encourage anyone to work with RookFitness, because honestly the results don’t lie. Keep up the good work!

Damien Muretti

“I started training with Stuart six weeks before my big day. I had a reasonable level of fitness however, conscious to be getting married on a beach, I was really struggling with those last couple of pounds and more importantly, toning and targeting those problem areas.
Stuart listened closely to exactly what it was that I wanted to accomplish and more importantly perhaps, in what time frame and tailored our sessions to make sure they were results driven. Had I continued my usual exercise routine, there is no way I would have felt as good for my wedding.
Stuart always explains in detail, how and why each exercise works, he really helped me perfect techniques to improve on their effectiveness, so I felt like I was learning something new every week. He takes a real interest in your well being by making sure you are eating the correct diet for what it is you want to achieve and always emailed and texted through nutrition tips to help maximise our sessions impact.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Stuart to anyone – whatever your reason for joining him, I am sure you will wish you had sooner!”

Rachael Grainger

“I started seeing Stuart for specific marathon training. He devised a clear and manageable plan and explained the overall goal. From the outset I wanted to complete the marathon in under 4 hours, however, with his assistance in all factors (strength, stamina, stretching, nutrition and guidance on niggling injuries) I managed to complete the marathon in 3hrs 28mins.

On top of Stuart’s plan I completed a full running program of 5 days a week of average totalling 30 miles a week without any major injuries and only a few minor niggles. Stuart’s fitness plan was the major contributing factor to this and also my unexpected time.

Post marathon I have changed my goals; I wanted to change my body shape, increase muscle mass and definition, Stuart has again devised a new plan. Not only does the plan cover assistance in the gym he has tailored me “at home body weight sessions” to do in between the gym work. Different and effective nutritional information has been sent, ideas of events and challenges I should partake in and constant support and advice is always available”

Peter Campbell

“Since starting a new job about 6 months ago and spending most of my time on the road and in hotels, I decided to ask Stuart for some guidance on staying fit, healthy and losing that extra bit of weight that had slowly crept on. Stuart developed a program to use at the gym specifically targeting the areas I’m most conscious of.

Stuart has assisted me in changing my diet so that I have enough energy during the day for work and exercise as well as aiding in weight/fat loss. I’m so happy with the results! I have so much more energy, feel alert and healthy and have also developed a bum whilst losing that extra bit of weight! Thank you Stuart!”

Lucy Burns