Physicals Advent Calendar Day 18 – Why your New Year fitness resolution ALWAYS fails…..


Before you start reading this – a quick warning. There are a few home truth’s in here that you may have to face up to. So If you’re not ready for that, then please close it down and come back to it again another day. 

Once the madness of Christmas subsides, you’ll probably be looking at 2016. And making some resolutions. 
Hopefully some health & fitness resolutions…..
The same ones you’ve made (and broken) before perhaps?
So the questions are:
Why did your resolution fail last time?
Why does it always fail?
Why do you never seem to lose weight, or drop a dress size, or change your body shape?
Here’s why… In two words:
  • Accountability
  • Strategy
The key to success at ANYTHING in life is hard work. Want to earn more money, work hard in your job. Want a happy home life, work hard at your marriage.
Want to look and feel fitter and healthier…? You have to WORK at it.
No-one else can do it for you. You are fully accountable.
The biggest issue that we all face with health and fitness is that if there is no strategy to help achieve these goals, and we don’t see the results that we want, and the inevitable sense of failure kicks in…. WE QUIT.

And then try to rationalise and make excuses to make ourselves feel better.

What fall into the world of ‘convenient comparisons’. 
I say to my clients to not compare to other people, but I also understand that it is human nature to do so. I always bang on about no two people having the same genetic make up, so negative comparisons are a waste of energy.
But what about these ones? I’m sure you’ve heard them before:
“At least I’m doing better than him…”
“At least I’m skinnier than her….”
The very first stage of any health and fitness program NEEDS to be a self assessment.
Why did it go wrong last time?
Did I set the bar too high?
Did I try to change everything at once?
How did I measure progress?
Did I have an exercise program to follow or a nutrition strategy?
How SMART were my goals?
I just want to lose a bit of weight? Far too loose….
I just want to eat a bit better? Far too vague…
So what’s the answer? How can 2016 have a DIFFERENT outcome?
What can you do to be fitter, happier and healthier next year?
On Monday I’ll hit you with part 2 . This will cover STRATEGY, and how to set the right goals for you, how to make them measurable and attainable and how to set yourself up to SUCCEED.
“If you want to eat a different fruit, you have to plant a different tree”
Thanks for reading!

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