Physicals Advent Calendar – Day 2 – Mindful Boozing!



A booze fuelled Xmas coupled with inactivity is the quickest way of undoing all the great work you’ve done over the last year. You see, alcohol contains empty calories. This means it contains no nutritional value. Your body can’t store alcohol, so it must metabolize it right away, which in turn slows down a number of the other metabolic processes that are vital for your body to stay healthy.. 
The reality is that given the amount of festive cheer, alcohol is almost impossible to avoid (unless you don’t drink at all). So here is a handy table informing you of how many calories are in festive related booze, and which ones to cheap nba jerseys potentially avoid.

Booze Unit Calories
Tequila shot 69 cals
Brandy shot 84 cals
Port shot 94 cals
Vodka lime soda double 128 cals
White wine –  pinot grigiot 250ml (medium glass) 205 cals
Jaeger bomb shot 209 cals
Red wine –  Cabernet Sauvignon 250ml (medium glass) 210 cals
Eggnog 250ml (medium glass) 223 cals
Beer pint 244 cals
Baileys 100ml (glass) 327 cals
This doesn’t mean the answer is to load up on shot this winter, because due to the high alcohol content quite frankly that’s a dangerously awful idea. 
Mindful drinking might be the way forward though. Consider that five pints of beer and two j-bombs equate to a whopping 1600 of nutrient-less calories, and will no doubt lead to a few Fluid questionable decisions and regretful headaches.
Enjoy yourselves, stay safe, and as they say: ‘drink aware’. Don’t neglect the gym or your own fitness routine, and to try to keep on track with overall calorie consumption!
Don’t forget – If you need help calculating your calorie intake please email me and I’ll send you over my work sheet!
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