Praise the Lord, January is over.

** Hello!
Goodbye January, you miserable old sod.

On the bright side, I hope your fitness and nutrition plan is in full swing going into Feb.

So – a quick email to ask… How’s it going?
* Have you stuck with it?
* What did you do when you had a busy week?
* Or a bad food day?
* Are you seeing progress?

All good questions. Here are some more:
* Are you on course with your goals?
* If so, have you realigned your goals?
* Do you know enough exercises to keep it challenging and prevent a plateau?
* Are you struggling with adhering to a diet plan?

If you’re NOT moving towards your goals and NOT seeing progress… this can be potentially a dangerous period.

This period is where reality kicks in… and people can get “the anger”.

Angry at how hard it is. Angry at how they’ve let themselves slip so much. Angry that they cant lift what the lifted before. Angry about the constant back pain or neck pain or hip pain.

Angry that they feel like they are doing the right thing, you’re doing a load of exercise but it doesn’t seem to work.

And before you know it, you’ve STOPPED… Again.

Maybe it’s time to ask for some help?

Here is what we can do:
Do you have NO CLUE what you’re doing? > Click here (
Do you have a clue but are RUNNING LOW ON IDEAS? > Click here (
Is training on your own BORING and uninspiring? >click here (
Are you looking for a DIFFERENT TYPE of group training? > Click here (
Would you like to speak to an ACTUAL HUMAN instead of looking things up on the internet? > Click here (

If you’d like to book a FREE 1:1 consultation to help realign your goals and maximise outcomes email me at I’ll even throw in a free 30 minute taster session.

No obligation to buy (of course) – just an offer of some straight up advice with the aim of keeping you bang on track.

Thanks for reading!

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