Semi-Private PT

To bridge the gap between group training and 1:1 PT, we have devised a Semi-Private PT package for those that like the community feel of a group but want a little extra attention.

Designed as a way of offering you great value and amazing results, the Ultimate Body Blueprint is exactly that:

“A community of like minded individuals working toward their own goals with their own training and nutrition programs, but in a group setting”

There is an initial six week sign up which includes a movement screening session and a prep phase for the beginners which will then move you nicely into our progressive training plans focused on increasing strength and fitness levels, while also altering body composition and accelerating fat loss.

Here’s the best bit…. There is NO LIMIT to the number of sessions you attend during the course of each week. More trainer:client contact time than in a group session, more cost effective than 1:1 training with bespoke programming and full nutrition guidance.


After the initial six weeks, you will move onto a monthly membership plan with both FULL ROCK STAR (unlimited sessions) and SEMI ROCK STAR (three session per week) membership options available to suit your needs and your budget.

To summarise:

six week initial sign up then into a monthly subscription

fully individualised training programs devised with your goals in mind

Small group sessions of no more than five people per class

on-line booking system

access to our private community

fully individualised nutrition coaching suited to your body type

Includes both FitCamp and Tough Guy group sessions

Sessions take place across our three amazing venues

  • “I lost 7kg’s in 12 weeks”
  • "My nutrition guide was detailed and easy to follow. I can now make more sense of what to eat and understand why I'm eating it"
  • “With his assistance I managed to complete the marathon in 3hrs 28mins”
  • “I smashed my previous half marathon time by over 10 mins”
  • “I would have no hesitation in recommending Stuart to anyone – whatever your reason for joining him, I am sure you will wish you had sooner!”
  • “During my 16 week pre wedding transformation plan I dropped from 100kg to 90kg”
  • “My inner beast was engaged pretty quickly and within three weeks I noticed my physique begin to transform”
  • "At FitCamp there is no ridiculous ‘pumping or bullying’ regimes, just encouragement and support to better yourself through fun and challenging fitness sessions, which vary every week!"
  • “I have so much more energy, feel alert and healthy and have also developed a bum whilst losing that extra bit of weight”
  • “I’m feeling fitter, stronger and full of life! Not bad for man in his 40’s”