Stu - About Us

Stuart Rook

“I’m a Level 4 qualified and highly experienced personal trainer, nutritional advisor, weight loss specialist and fitness coach with almost 15 years of experience in the fitness industry and sports coaching and development.

I started RookFitness in 2011 after working in a variety of gyms and studios across London, Essex and in the USA. I believe in a balanced approach, and I specialise in body fat reduction, building muscle, posture correction and performance coaching.

My sessions and programs are tough and I demand a lot from my clients because – above all else – my main passion is helping my clients to become fitter, healthier and happier”


George Lyons

As a coach, I have taken the university route, studying exercise science and achieving a masters in strength and conditioning. My philosophy is to teach correct and safe technique and promote proper movement mechanics. I am also a firm believer in strength training as a means to reduce injury risk, as well as a determine factor of success across various sports. As for work experience, I have been fortunate enough to work with elite football players, as well as those at the academy level, which has allowed me to become a more adaptable coach, capable of meeting individual needs.

George Lyons

Nadine Jarvis

“Specialising in body conditioning, cardio fitness and weight loss I offer personalised programmes, nutritional advice and training sessions suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Being an extremely keen runner myself I am able to advise and coach on marathon and obstacle race preparation training to help you achieve your fitness goals in a safe and effective manner”


Leon Williams

“I studied sports & exercise science where I gained a great understanding of the biomechanical assessment of movement & physiology. In order to advance my knowledge, I have returned to study Strength and Conditioning as a Masters.

I was lucky enough to earn a placement at a football club as a strength and conditioning intern, which allowed me to train and work alongside professional athletes, since graduating I have gone on to work with many more athletes and private personal training clients on a 1:1 basis.

My areas of speciality are strength & conditioning, post-rehabilitation, weight management and weight training for beginners”



Michael Hunnisett

“Aspiring strength and conditioning coach, currently studying for a master’s degree in just that. Have been working in and studying fitness and the various facets of training for over 6 years and haven’t known any other profession.

Getting strong as shit is my thing, and moving properly and becoming injury-proof being essential along with it. Olympic weightlifting is my favourite way of doing that and is my passion – you’ll find me in the gym throwing bars around most of the time”