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Sooo on Wednesday’s email I mentioned a link about the differences between white and brown bread – which I then completely forgot to attach… What an absolute fool.

Here it is: 

To follow that up – and for anyone actively aiming to avoid bread, or are gluten/wheat free or intolerant…

Here is another lovely little nutrition article about replacing bread for breakfast – and cereal for that matter – with low carb alternatives. 

Don’t forget that Carbs aren’t the enemy your body still NEEDS them, so going low carb is all good provided you have enough energy to support your daily lifestyle and exercise habits.

Hopefully the main thing you’ll notice about these breakfasts is that they are very non traditional. The days of eating only specific foods at specific times of the day are on the way out – YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST. 

There have been a number of recent studies about eating different foods at different times of the day that I’m currently getting into which could be absolutely mind blowing. 

I’ll post about it soon – but we could be looking at steak for breakfast in the very near future….!



Seeing as the most popular nutrition question I received after the original email was “Was there supposed to be a link” I’m going to ask the following question again:

What would you like to know about nutrition?

Email your questions to and I’ll answer the best three in a newsletter for next week.

Ask me anything (nutrition related please, keep it clean). I got some absolute belters back last week so I’m looking forward to getting some more in.

Thanks for reading!

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